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About us is a spi_crowdfunding website that is exclusively designed to fulfill all the needs of a Sportspersons . It will have a spi_crowdfunding platform where sportspersons can raise capital for their training and events. Secondly, the site will sell all kind of sports equipments required by them to play at the highest stage. Thirdly, Sports Insurance is introduced to protect sportspersons from various injuries or accidents on the ground.

Our mission at is to build a suitable website that will assist Sportspersons and Sports teams in terms of raising fund for their goals, and also achieve their dream.

We hope to make life and survival easy for the Sportspersons of India as a whole.


spi_crowdfunding through online platforms is becoming popular among all the people in society. It gives an avenue for the fundraisers to create campaigns at the comfort of their home/office on their phone and computer. Donaters can also easily donate using online platforms for various campaigns. Everyone is going online to raise funds or donate for their projects.

Currently,there is not even a single website which can truly say that they are a sports specific spi_crowdfunding platform . Everyone have different categories in their platform and sports is just one of the part of their business.

Sportingindia spi_crowdfunding is going to be one of its kind sports-specific online platform where a Sportsperson can raise funds for training, products and protect themselves from injuries or accidents occurring on field.

We run on a line that “Even a Single Rupee by the Donor can change the life of a Sportspersons”. strongly believes that this platform will create a new path for Sports in India.