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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising money through online contributions made by many different people who share the same passion for your project. It’s all about asking for small amounts of money from many people instead of finding that one or two people to cut you a large cheque. Crowdfunding may also often involve a 'reward' in exchange for contributing.


• Increased access to social networks.
• Repeated engagement with fans creates more awareness about your vision.
• Feedback from early customers and followers.
• You will be able to form a community to support your journey towards achieving the goals.

Why Sportingindia?

• Keep what you raise with Flexible Funding
• Low fees
• Multiple payment options (Razorpay; credit cards).
• Sportingindia provides products and services other than money for the individuals, so they are able to get all the things needed for an event.

Step 1 - Prelaunch and Planning

Ok, the truth is, just filling out your Draft Campaign, including a video or photos, and then going live, doesn’t guarantee that contributions will flow in. It takes a little bit more creativity, promotion, and follow-up. Don't worry, we're here to help guide you through.

Consider these questions:

➢ What do I want to achieve with my fundraising Campaign?
➢ How much money do I need?
➢ Who will I ask for support and who can help me spread the word?
➢ What will it mean to achieve the goal?
➢ How will I use the money?
➢ Can I offer cool Rewards as a gift to Donors?
➢ How often can I promote the Campaign and update donors about it?

What should the Campaign duration be?

Most successful campaigns are between 45 and 90 days. If your strategy calls for a longer duration to take advantage of your season’s updates, go for it! You can change the duration after going live, if the campaign needs more amount of time to achieve your goal.

Do I need to make a video or offer a Reward?

You don't have to do a campaign video or offer rewards, but your chances of reaching your goal (especially larger amounts) will increase if you do. Campaigns that have a video raise more amount than campaigns without a video.

If you have a few days or even a couple of weeks before you launch, promote your upcoming campaign launch. Post messages/photos on social media, in blogs, and send out personal emails pre-promoting your campaign. Create anticipation and excitement among the people.

Aim to raise at least 25% of your goal in the first 72 hours, a leading indicator for the success of your goal. Line-up your closest family and friends and ask them to contribute the day you launch. Then, start spreading the word to your larger audience and network. Once they see you already have a great start, they will be more likely to contribute.

INSIDE TIP: Come up with a campaign hashtag and use it for the entire duration of the campaign in all communications and on social media. (If you are not able to find it, message us we can help you with it)

Email supporters before launch-

Use this sample email to suit your needs:

I am about to do something important and exciting. I'm ready to launch a new fundraising campaign and ask all my friends, family, and supporters to join my team and be part of my athletic journey and dream.

I am raising funds through Sportingindia, a crowdfunding site. The idea is that athletes and teams can reach out to a large circle of their friends, family, friends of friends, and fans and ask everyone for a small amount of support. As you’re in my inner circle, I hope if you can help me get my campaign rolling?

We get started on [insert date here].

At launch, I’ll send you another email with a link directly to my Campaign. It would be great if you could contribute on that day. You can also help me by spreading the word about my Rally through email, Facebook, Twitter, and various social media platforms.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



Step 2- Go Live & Promote

It's action time! Once live, be ready to promote your campaign frequently and with creativity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails and most importantly through WhatsApp.

1. Email

Half of your contributions will come from a direct link to your Campaign, typically from an email or a link posted from a blog or media website.

The day you Go Live, kick off a send 3 different email series. Include your campaign hashtag.

Email Series No. 1 - Join the campaign and contribute!

Briefly announce your campaign in an email and share your story, goal, and sense of urgency. As the campaign goes on in future emails, give insight into your goal, "We're halfway to our Goal, Help Me Reach The Finish Line. Only 17 Days Left."

Example email you can use to suit your needs -

Dear family, friends, and supporters:

Will you join my team as I strive for my athletic (MENTION YOUR SPORT) goal?

I’m raising funds through crowdfunding, on Sportingindia. I just launched my crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for [STATE YOUR GOAL HERE & WHY IT'S IMPORTANT]. I only have xx days to reach my goal.

It would be great if you could contribute today!


You can also help by spreading the word about my campaign through email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. [IF YOU HAVE COOL REWARD, MENTION HERE].

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



2. Social Media

Promote consistently and extensively on all your social media links, at least 4-5 times a week. Facebook and Whatsapp are MOST important. Our stats show that half of the contributions will come from a direct link on Facebook and WhatsApp. Post updates about the campaign, how you will benefit from reaching the goal.

Key Social Media Tips

• Photos: Post a training or competition photo about your campaign and goals include the direct campaign link. Post messages about milestones you’ve reached in the campaign – "We hit 30 percent of our goal today thanks to you!"
• Thank-you's: Thank the Donors - "Thanks to all the Donors for Boosting us. You helped us get over 5,000 (amount) today!"
• Reward: Mention the cool Reward you have to offer.
• FB ads: Consider a Facebook ad. Click the "Build Your Audience" tab at the top of your FB page and follow the instructions.
• Video: Share your video a few times. People always become more engaged with a video and a call to action. Make sure your direct link to your campaign is included at the end of your video.

3. Updates

Inside Tip: One of the most important things you can do.

Log in to your Campaign, click the Updates tab and thank Donors, upload photos and provide updates about your goal. Share milestones in your campaign. Ask them to share your Campaign. Use the Updates to make announcements. The more interactive you are with your donors the greater chance they will fund again and share the campaign to their network.

How often should you Update?

-Post an update once or twice a week during short campaigns and every week during long campaigns.

Updates will automatically be emailed to your donors and the latest update will appear on your campaign page. You also can choose to post the update to your Facebook wall.

4. Campaign Widget

Once your campaign is live, click the gray embed icon on your Campaign page and copy and paste the code to a website or blog. When the code is embedded, the widget will automatically update your campaign total in real-time and link to your campaign so people may contribute. Anyone with a website or blog can use the widget to promote your campaign.

5. Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog, put your campaign on your homepage with a photo and direct link to your campaign page or embed a campaign widget. If you have a rotating slider, feature the campaign on the first image.

If you have a regular donate button on your site or blog, add the campaign widget or the campaign link and a short description. Everything about you on the web should share your campaign.

Phase 3 - Engage & Update

Mid-campaign you may experience a natural decline in contributions. That's OK! Reignite the campaign by engaging and motivating your supporters. Prepare for a different plan and fire up your campaign.

1. Email

Email Series No. 2 – Update with Success Stories

Share an update about the campaign with successes of how much raised thus far, highlight or quote a special Donor to the campaign – positive peer pressure! Include your campaign hashtag.

2. Incentives to contribute

• Introduce Exclusive Reward: Come up with a fun or exciting new boost option for the campaign. Maybe it’s tickets to an upcoming event or signed sports merchandise.

3. Engage influencers

Once you've raised over 20% of your goal and you have a lot of donors, reach out to the influencers in your sport and ask for help in promoting the campaign. Include your campaign hashtag.


• Sponsors and Partners – Ask each willing team sponsor or major supporter (if applicable) to help you promote your campaign on their social media pages and websites. Have them use it as a tool to improve their relationship with you or your team.
• Bloggers and Supporters – Ask bloggers who cover your sport to mention or write about the campaign. Give them the widget code to embed in their blogs. This can include your local newspaper or TV station.
• Team Members: There is strength in numbers! All team members who are very close to your campaign should be spreading the word about the campaign on their own personal social media pages and via email. Challenge them to get 10 people to donate at least Rs100 a piece.

Phase 4 - Finish Line & Thanks

In the last week, push the sense of urgency to raise the last bit of funding for the campaign. Don’t be tensed! Winners never quit, they keep going hard to the finish to reach the goal.

1. Email

Email Series No. 3 – Closing Email With Sense of Urgency Send at the start of the final week or last few days of the campaign. Let supporters and members know they only have a few days left to join the journey and contribute to your goal. Also, share the good news to what has been accomplished so far and why they are making a difference. You can also use the email to share a list of all of the Donors thus far in the campaign. People love reading their name and it encourages others to contribute. Include your campaign hashtag.

2. Social Media

Build a sense of urgency to reach the finish line in just a few days. Use images, your video, inspiring graphics, etc. to encourage people to contribute and make a difference. Include your campaign hashtag.


• Use thank-you quotes, photos, or short videos.

• Ask supporters and fans to share the campaign with their networks to help you reach the Finish Line.


3. Bring in a hero

Key benefactors (or family members!) love to come in at the end of campaigns and help push it over the goal line. Line-up a special supporter who may be willing to kick in a large amount in the final days of the campaign. Be prepared to give him/her a large shout-out on social media and in the follow-up email series thank you.

4. Thank Donors!

Don’t leave your Donors in the dark for weeks after they’ve supported your CAMPAIGN — interact with them and thank them, post messages on your Updates tab. This is not the end of your campaign, this is the beginning of a new relationship with a great group of Donors who will be with you throughout your journey.

With this in mind, send a thank you to everyone who supported your Campaign. Here’s a sample thank you that you can change to suit your needs.

Dear Donor (friend):

Thank you so much for supporting my campaign on Sportingindia. I appreciate the faith and belief you’ve shown in helping me to reach for my athletic goals.
We (INSERT OUTCOME OF CAMPAIGN HERE, ie reached, exceeded, or didn’t reach our goal).
IF YOU REACHED OR EXCEEDED GO HERE: Now, I am going to take your support and strive to INSERT YOUR ATHLETIC GOAL HERE.
IF YOU DIDN'T REACH YOUR GOAL: We didn’t reach our stated goal, but I will use the funds you’ve provided to INSERT YOUR PLAN HERE.
4. How do I get DONOR contact info?
You will receive an email confirmation every time someone contributes ... and if applicable, details about the reward is chosen or purchased.
To see detailed information about each contribution and donor, including anonymous Boosters:
1. Log in and go to your campaign page.
2. Click the Contributions tab.
3. Here you'll see recent contributions with details. Or you may click on the blue download icon to see the donor info spreadsheet.
5. Can I accept contributions after my campaign ends?
You can always extend your campaign deadline after starting your campaign. It can help you reach the goal with some amount of flexibility in campaign