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Common Questions

1. How does it work?

How it Works

  • Sign up for Sportingindia crowdfunding website to raise money for Athletes.
  • Create a modern and easy-to-use fundraising website in 20 to 25 minutes.
  • You can raise money for any sports endeavor or cause. Whether you're a district level player or an International level player, a team, school, parent, coach sportingindia is your sports community.

Sports Fundraising Idea

➢ Team Fundraising
➢ Events & Equipment
➢ Injury rehab costs
➢ Coaching
➢ Sports & athlete causes
➢ Raise funds for someone else
➢ Collect team fees
➢ Buy Merchandise
➢ Capital ( Money Based) Campaigns
➢ Travel & Training

Set up is easy and free

Our online fundraising software is designed with the needs of athletes and teams in mind.

From quick and easy fundraiser set-up to donor tracking, top-notch social sharing tools, and e-commerce capability, Sportingindia's features can help you raise the most money.

Launch, share & Receive Donations

Once you launch your fundraiser, use the scripts and tools to share with your network. Get team members involved by utilizing the Sportingindia team tool, so that each member can have their own fundraising page as part of the overall goal.


➢ Funds are deposited right into your bank account.
➢ No membership or set up fees
➢ Collect 93% of fundraised for the cause ( 5% of the total revenue raised+ 2% per transaction )
➢ Keep 100% of the pledged contribution when contributor covers fees Funds

People can contribute funds via Razor Pay from nearly anywhere in the world

2. What are the costs?

  • No membership fees or setup fees
  • Get funds in real time. No penalties for not reaching the goal.
  • Campaigns collect an average of 93% of funds raised.
  • Contributors or persons who are wishing to donate have the option to cover the costs of associated fees
  • Campaigns collect an average of 93% of funds raised.
  • Fees = 5% of total revenue raised + 2% per transaction

3. How do I get Money?

An Athlete or a team easily sets up a funding account during the User creation process. It only takes a few minutes!

Once you start raising money, you receive contributions in real time through Razor Pay, Sportingindia’s payment processor. Each contribution is deposited immediately and then is transferred to your bank account. The very first transfer to your bank will take 3 days to post. After that, transfers will happen every business day.

If you haven't received any deposits, you may have entered your bank account info incorrectly or you are using a bank account that does not accept direct deposits. Check with your bank to ensure that your account is properly set up to receive wire transfers.

4. What are the Sportingindia basics?

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a term for asking many people for a small amount of financial help to achieve a clearly stated goal through an online funding page.

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is an online fundraising page with a clearly stated sports-related goal.A funding goal is the amount of money an athlete aims to raise to reach the sports goal.

Who is a campaigner?

A Campaigner is an athlete who creates and runs a Sportingindia campaign.

Who is a contributor?

Contributors are people who contribute money to a Campaign and take part in the Campaigner sports journey and contribute money.

5. What makes a successful Campaign?

Whether you’re new to crowdfunding or just need new ideas, we’ve got you covered. Sportingindia provides you with our proven best practices on how to raise money effectively, and efficiently through our guide on it.

6. Is Sportingindia safe and my bank account info secure?

Yes. Sportingindia is secured by the best safeguards available on the Internet today. It is as secure as your online banking portal or your favorite e-commerce website. Sportingindia never holds onto your money or your bank account information. The transactions are made from the contributor to your bank account via Razorpay, our payment processor

7. Are contributions tax deductible?

Contributions to individuals and some teams are not tax deductible in most cases and should not be set up under the nonprofit.

8. Why does Sportingindia charge fees?

Sportingindia’s platform fee of 5% per campaign is one of the lowest in the industry. It pays for our small yet efficient and professional staff as we work hard to provide you and your contributors with the best tools, and technology to raise money online via a safe, secure, and seamless platform. We also offer contributors the option to cover the fees associated with the contribution, which allows 100% of the money to flow directly to you, the Campaigner.

9. How do I delete my account?

Once you’ve created an account on Sportingindia it cannot be deleted, but you can easily unsubscribe from all email communication. We never provide your information to a third party. 1. To stop receiving monthly Sportingindia Standout emails and Announcements:
- Click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email.
2. To stop receiving Sportingindia Updates and Campaign Creation tips:
- Login and click the My Account icon in the navigation bar.

- In the drop-down, click My Settings
- Here you can change your Notification Preferences.
Need more help? Email us with questions
Image if needed for explanation

10. Can contributors elect to cover fees?

Sportingindia provides the option for contributors to cover the service and credit card transaction fees associated with online fundraising. This means that 100% of a pledged contribution will go directly to the athlete, team or cause.

At checkout, simply enter the amount you would like to contribute (or choose the contribution level ), then check the box for Cover Fee. The amount calculates in real time, so if you decide to change the amount of your contribution, the total will update automatically.

11. What is Donor Management?

Our donor spreadsheets keep track of all the information you need to manage your contributors.

You will receive an email confirmation every time someone contributes.

To view detailed information about each contribution, including anonymous

  • Log in and go to your personal Rally campaign page
  • Click on the Contributions tab.

Campaign FAQ’s

1. How do I delete a draft Campaign?

Oops! Did you accidentally create more than one Draft campaign? No problem. You can easily delete a Draft campaign.

Two ways to delete a campaign

1. Log in and go to the My Campaigns in the navigation drop-down.

2. Click the red delete X box on the Draft Campaign you want to delete.


1. Any time you are in the Campaign Edit mode, you can choose to Delete This Campaign under the Go Live Checklist.

2. Add a photo to the campaign?

1. Add a photo to the top of your campaign

Log in and click to Edit your campaign.

Click the Story tab.

Choose to upload a horizontal photo OR a video.

2. You also may add a photo(s) to your campaign story description

  • Log in and click to Edit your Campaign.
  • Click the Story tab.
  • In the Campaign description box, position your cursor where you want to place the photo.
  • Click the image icon and upload it. (Photo must be a jpeg or png. Less than 1 MB.)
  • Click on photo and drag corner to resize (important!).
  • To wrap text around the photo, click on the Formats tab to choose an alignment (right or left). You can add a border here too.

3. How do I change my campaign duration?

Once a campaign is live, a campaigner has the ability to alter the end date.

4. How do I embed the rally widget code?

Once your campaign is live, click the gray embed icon on your campaign page, copy and paste the code to a website or blog.

When the code is embedded, the widget will automatically update your campaign total in real-time and link to your campaign so people may contribute.

5. How do I change my Goal Amount?

Maybe you accidentally went live with the wrong goal amount or you’ve surpassed your original goal and now you need a new challenge? No problem, we can help. Send us a request

6. I received a cheque/cash. Can I add it to my campaign total?

Yes. You may receive checks or cash for your fundraiser that you want to add to your campaign total through what's called an "Offline Contribution". You have the option to add as many additional offline payments as you like. There is no service fee charged for adding these amounts.

After logging in, navigate to your Rally page and choose 'Edit.' From there simply select the 'Offline' tab.

Campaigner FAQs

1. What does it take to reach a goal?

The time spent creating your campaign and promoting it varies depending on three key factors:

The amount you need to raise

The number of potential contributors to your network

Your story - why you’re raising funds or collecting money

2. How many times can I run a Campaign?

Individual athletes may want to do several campaigns a year for targeted fundraising, which is a great strategy.

3. Do strangers contribute to campaigns?

Crowdfunding is a key way to raise support from your social network and your support base. More than 85% of the money you raise through sportingindia comes from people you know. However, potential contributors you don’t know may contribute to your campaign because they share a passion for your sport, or they have a special connection to your school or hometown.

If you have a great personal story and it’s well-publicized, you can attract contributors who want to see you succeed.

4. How do I delete my campaign?

Draft campaigns are only visible to the account owner.

If you raised any money through your campaign, it cannot be deleted. It must remain searchable on the platform for reference and transparency to contributors. Ended rallies that did not raise any funds will not show up in Browse on Sportingindia. However, the direct link to your campaign will remain active.

5. Will you Display in foreign currency?

At this time, Sportingindia only displays funding goals and other amounts in Indian rupees.

6. Can I Do a contest?

No. Whether you are an individual athlete, team or organization you are not allowed to accept online contributions for contests through a campaign on sportingindia. Why? Our regulations do not accept it But don't worry. If you have cool (and limited) gifts to offer, simply set an amount for it and promote it through your campaign. Get potential contributors excited about the chance to receive an awesome gift (limited quantity available!) for their contribution.

7. Can I change the bank account to my campaign?

You cannot change your bank account (where your contributions are deposited) after it has been verified and confirmed in the campaign creation process. Please double check the account number when entering and make sure the bank account supports direct deposit.

If you entered the wrong bank account and it was verified and confirmed, but your campaign is still in Draft mode, you will need to start a new Draft new campaign and re-enter the correct bank account.

If your campaign is live and you need to change your bank account, you must contact sportingindia directly with the updated account numbers.

8. Can donors choose to pay processing fees?

Sportingindia provides the option for contributors to cover the service and credit card transaction fees associated with online fundraising. This means that 100% of a pledged contribution will go directly to the athlete, team or cause!

At checkout, a contributor simply enters the amount they would like to contribute (or they choose the contribution level ), then check the box for Cover Fee.

The Sportingindia platform fee is 5%. The payment processor, Razorpay, charges 2% per transaction on the total amount processed. So, for example, the fees on Rs 100 contribution amount is Rs 7. The total amount being processed is Rs 107. Then, Rs 107 is deposited directly into the Campaigner’s bank account.

The total amount that a contributor gives — whether or not they choose to Cover Fees — is always reflected in the campaign page total. When a contributor chooses to Cover Fees, it will show on your campaign page.

9. How do I track my deposits?

The amount raised is always reflected in the Contributions tab of your campaign.

Contributor FAQ’s

1. How do I evaluate whether a Campaign is worthy?

An athlete who has the dedication to put together a good campaign generally has the drive to meet their financial goals and use the funds to realize their objectives. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you decide whether to join a worthy campaign. Ask yourself:

  • Who are the people involved?
  • What is the story and what are their goals?
  • Are they giving regular updates?

2. How do I Contribute to a campaign?

It's easy. You may use almost all methods in Razorpay to contribute from anywhere in the world.

Simply click on the orange "Contribute" button on the campaign and put in your own amount, or if offered, choose a gift option with a specific amount.

The contributor can also elect to cover the service and credit or debit card fees that come with online fundraising. Simply check the 'Cover Fee' box during checkout, to have the 5% platform fee and 2% credit or debit card fee added to your total. This ensures that 100% of your intended contribution will go directly to the campaigner. Sportingindia provides a typical shopping cart check-out experience, so you may choose more than one option to add to your cart.

3. I am having trouble making a contribution?

  • If you cannot complete a contribution payment, here are some things to check:
  • Did you enter a valid credit card or debit card number? Make sure the expiration date isn't expired and that the CCV code is correct.
  • If using a credit card, make sure you haven't exceeded the credit limit and that your card allows online transactions
  • If using a debit card, make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the contribution.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection. If the connection times out early or fails, your contribution will not be processed.
  • If you have made a successful contribution you will have received an email confirmation from Sportingindia. These can sometimes be caught by email filters so make sure to check your spam folder
  • If you are still experiencing issues making a successful contribution, please contact us.

4. Can my contribution be anonymous?

Yes. During the payment process, you are given the option to remain anonymous. The amount you contribute is never displayed in public whether or not you choose to be anonymous.

5. Can I mail a cheque?

Sportingindia provides the ability to contribute to a campaign through a safe and secure online payment process. We do not accept checks or cash on behalf of the athlete or team.

If you'd rather help an athlete or team by writing a check, that's OK! Reach out to the athlete or team and make separate arrangements.

6. When do I Get my Gift?

The gift is any item or service that an athlete, team or organization might offer for contributing. Sportingindia is not responsible for the creation or delivery of Swag and cannot guarantee that the Campaigner will fulfill their obligations. If you’re missing your gift, contact the Campaigner directly or email us and we can help connect you. Please email us.

7. Does Sportingindia make sure the raised funds are properly used?

Every athlete is responsible to achieve the stated goal.

Sportingindia makes a good faith effort to screen campaigns to ensure that they are legitimate and appropriate. We will take down Rallies that don’t meet our standards. If you feel a campaign may be fraudulent, contact us

8. Can I get a Refund?

We know that the journey to success doesn’t happen all at once. It is a process. For this reason, we distribute all contributions made to sportingindia regardless of whether the campaigner hits their stated funding goal. By harnessing the power of the crowd, sportingindia enables athletes to focus on their goals and pursue their dreams. However, as can be the case in the sport, sometimes we fall shy of the mark.

Sportingindia cannot guarantee that a campaign will reach its financial goal or that the stated purpose of the campaign will be realized. Furthermore, Sportingindia never receives any funds from a campaign nor holds any funds on behalf of any athlete or organization.

All contributions are handled via Razorpay and go directly to the athlete. Accordingly, we are not in a position to redirect or refund any contributions. However, we hope you do not believe that your support has been in vain. One of the most valuable lessons we learn in sports is that each contest, win or lose, is a valuable experience that will help prepare us for the continuing challenges ahead, both on and off the field.

If you believe the campaign to which you contributed is fraudulent or inaccurate, please let us know.