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Sportspersons can use crowdfunding to raise funds for their needs in various aspects of a sport. In simpler terms, sportspersons have to create a campaign by mentioning their goals and achievements along with funds needed to achieve it. After they have created it, Sportingindia will display it to the people and they will start to support the sportsperson. When their goal is reached or the date is finished, Sportingindia will transfer the fund to sportspersons.

The two main advantages of crowdfunding in sports are- i) Sportspersons do not have to go around to various people in order to participate in an event. They can create a campaign and discuss with the persons in organizations to achieve required funds ii) Sportspersons can concentrate more on their training programs and goals instead of worrying about the sponsorships or funds needed for an event.

People who are donating funds to a campaign will be regularly updated about the process of sportspersons. They will get messages and emails about the events of athletes, so they can watch it live or give support to an athlete in straight. Donators will be an integral part of the team for a sportsperson, as they have played an important role in improving the career of him.

Crowdfunding in sports is the way forward to get all the sports to another level as we can get the people in it and keep them updated about a sport. This will automatically create interest among people to know about sport and support athletes.

Can we get to know from the audience and athletes will crowdfunding in sports will make a difference?. Give your opinion in comments